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Unibilt Conveyor Components

Manufacturer: Webb

Webb Unibilt® Conveyor Components are high quality components for any Webb Unibilt Conveyor!

Extended H Attachment V16984
Extended H Attachment V16984 is used to extend the carrier or load away from the track for additional clearance when traveling vertically.

Spinner Attachment V21517
• Used where continuous rotation of product is necessary through a wash or paint finishing operation.
• Ball bearing roller revolves against a flat bearing strip by the forward motion of the conveyors.

Extended Rigid H Attachment
• Used primarily on conveyors with vertical travel.
• Attachment holds the carrier or load away from the track when traveling vertically.
• 8" inch offset is standard.

NOTE: Special offsets can be fabricated to order.

90° Star Wheel Indexing Swivel Hook Assembly V8345
• 90° indexing swivel allows for carrier rotation in 90° degree increments with the use of a camming device.
• Made of malleable iron.
• Shipped loose in two pieces.
• V16164 swivel and V6513 shank.

Wheel Chain Attachments V16949
• Attachments are a heat treated high strength, drop forged steel that can be installed in the chain on nominal 8" inch centers as required.
• Use of this unit increases individual load capacity to 250 lbs. per unit.

Wheel Chain Attachments V16971
• Attachments have the same construction as V16949.
– Also can have a 1/2" inch diameter shaft or bolt inserted in the frame.
• Capacity: 250 lbs.

4 Wheel Chain Attachment V21064
• Attachments have the same construction as V16949 and V16971 but include a guide roller for stability when used in inverted applications.
• Capacity: 250 lbs.

Inverted Chain Attachment Assembly with Load Bar V21067
• Assembly is used with a C hook application.
• Attachments have the same construction as V21064.

Lubrication: Brush Type Chain Oiler V20053 and V20058
• Unibilt chain lubricators.
– Provides oil lubrication to the guide and load wheel bearings, and to each pivot in the chain assembly.

• Proper amount of lubricant can be regulated with an adjustable needle valve.
– To assure adequate lubrication at each point without over-oiling and dripping.

• Proper lubrication is necessary to maintain the low friction of the conveyor system, decrease system wear and maintenance, and prolong the life of the system.

• Includes a one quart transparent oil reservoir, a visual sight guage for oil feed and a manual on/off valve.

• Chain lubricator V20058 is the same as V20053 except that V20058 is equipped with an electric On/Off valve for remote control operation.

• Can be adjusted to operate automatically only when the conveyor is running.
• Both lubricators are shipped without a section of track.
• Slot is to be cut in the field.

NOTE: Not recommended for use in paint finishing systems.

Automatic Chain Lubricator V21516WS
The Unibilt Conveyor Chain Lubricator provides fully automatic oil lubrication at any desired interval.

• Nine (9) lubricating nozzles are individually are adjusted
– Provides positive and accurate metering to the load wheel.

• Guide wheel bearings to each pivot point in the chain assembly.

• Positive displacement type of actuator.
– Guarantees the proper amount of lubricant at each point.
– Eliminates over-oiling and dripping.

The V21516WS automatic chain lubricator should always be used on systems with a high degree of contamination such as finishing systems with washers and ovens.

The lubricator is shipped complete with a 2' foot long section of track, eliminating track cutting or special mounting in the field.

NOTE: Not to be used with 4 wheel chain attachments. If you need a large quantity of this product, call us at 1-800-338-1382 for additional bulk discounts!
Call us at 1-800-338-1382

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